I offer a number of energetic methods to help bring balance to the whole person ... mind, body, and spirit.  Within these pages you will find information on the services I offer in my office and through my online shop.  The menu above will take you to the different areas of this site. The core of my practice is Energetic Healing.  I began with Reiki, a Japanese method using energy to help us heal physically and emotionally, and have added other methods as I’ve grown with my practice.  Energetic practitioners have been trained to feel the energy present within the body of a living being (people, animals, and even plants) and to use the healing energy the Universe provides to remove blockages and direct healing energy to problem areas within the physical body. Energetic healing is wonderful for helping to remove negative energies, for general stress reduction, and aids relaxation.  By keeping our energetic pathways clear, we minimize the effects of stress and maximize our body’s ability to function properly.  Energetic healing can also help with managing chronic pain by adding extra healing energy directly to the area(s) affected.  Animals also benefit from energy healing sessions … not just physically, but also with situations or relationships (both with humans and animals) beyond their control. In addition to healing sessions, I create grids using sacred geometric shapes and colors that are designed to help focus the flow of energies in your life.  I also provide detailed astrological charts and reports for individuals (natal or birth charts), solar return analysis and planetary transits for individuals, and a number of charts and reports covering information on just about any relationship between any two people. I thank you for visiting ... there are many choices when seeking energy work and I am honored you have chosen to consider looking here.  It is my sincere hope that you find the information here, and my services, useful in your efforts to maintain your own balance. Namaste
Current News Energetic Healing sessions can help you to manage your stress levels ... give yourself (or a friend) the gift of energetic healing! Energetic healing sessions are by appointment only.  Share the love!  Refer a friend and get 25% off your next session. Your 25% off session will be active after referred party completes their first session with me. Package Special - purchase 3 sessions at the same time and get 30% off. See Services and Pricing page for details. Don’t forget to check out the Services and Pricing page for current specials. I finally have a new office space! Well, it took a little longer than I’d hoped, but I finally have my new space set up and am ready to start seeing clients there.  Please visit my Contact Page for details on my new location and other important information (like when I schedule appointments).   Updated 1 May 2016

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First time clients only. Wondering if Energetic Healing is right for you?  Check it out and see ... 50% off your first 30 or 60  minute session. (applies to in-office and distance sessions; May not be combined with other offers)
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